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Love Redeemed (Book 2, The Market Series)

Love Redeemed_LG

Book 2, The Market Series

Decadent Publishing

Release Date: 11/27/2012


"This was a satisfying dessert that was one sensually charged sexual encounter after another." -JoJo, Words of Wisdom From The Scarf Princess


Blurb: Brennan Whitling wants for nothing but the love of a good woman. He has a close family, good friends, and a successful textiles import business. But, a beautiful and elusive young woman he has only seen from afar haunts him. Until a chance meeting leads to far more than dinner.


Serena Freemont has only ever known the life of a prostitute. When an invitation to dinner by a handsome gentleman provides her an opportunity to experience life as a young lady, it’s too tempting to pass up. Much like the man issuing it. After a night of passion she must disappear or face his reaction when the truth is revealed.


To find happiness Serena must shed her past long enough to realize she is worthy of a future. To win her heart, Brennan must show her the redemptive power of love.


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