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Corralled - Lorelei James Wow! That was one smokin' hot read. Needless to say the DH was confused when I suddenly reverted to my southern roots and used the words fixin's when talking about ingredients for dinner. Good thing he doesn't know I want a saw horse and a saddle! ;D

Talk Dirty To Me

Talk Dirty to Me - Inez Kelley Wow! Another great book in this series! I must say when this comes out in paperback or trade I may have to buy it just so I can cuddle with the whole series. I'm telling you it will. Carina would be crazy not to print this series in one book! Jarod...James...whatever you want to call him-is scrumptious! Sigh. Smart, sexy, dominating, sweet...everything I want in a man. Real or imagined. Nora was great as a heroine. Strong and smart....and ultimately forgiving. The phone sex was HAWT...and so was the laundry room. Yikes! May have to make DH call me and talk dirty so we can meet in some random laundry room somewhere and play. :D Okay...that's not happening but this book will make you wanna. Go read it!
Coin Operated (Dirty Laundry, #1) - Ginny Glass Holy cow! Talk about scorching hot. Sigh. I wasn't so into the hot coins...but other than that this little story was on fire...from page one. Eli and Bea are one hot and horny little duo that can't seem to sync up outside of the boardroom. Thank goodness they got that worked out. ROFL! Highly recommend this and I look forward to reading more by Ginny Glass as well as the rest of the Dirty Laundry series...which I bought already. :D
Sweet Temptation - Maya Banks Okay so I really liked this book...okay well my fantasy self did. The IRL me was a little like, not so much on the sharing. Fantasy Sorcha was all...yeah man that's hot. Now I have to say both of me found the flogging outside of our bounds of what we like. That said, it wasn't so off putting that I didn't enjoy the book, because clearly it was in the characters' wheelhouses. So overall for me it was a great read, oh and I never guessed at who the stalker was! Great twist!
Out of Bounds - T.A. Chase OMG! This book was so hot and the emotion was so good. I didn't really expect much, and am not a big m/m reader; but I would read more by T.A. Chase in a heartbeat. This man knows his romance...and I might have learned a thing or two to try out on hubby! *evil grin*


Patience - Lisa Valdez For the most part I enjoyed this one. There were a few things here and there that were bothersome, but really overall I liked it. I liked the heat and well Matthew can come tell me what to do any time! ROFL!
Tempting Eden - Margaret Rowe I enjoyed this book. I did have some issues with the graphic nature of the abuse scenes. It's just not what I want to see in my erotic romance, though I do understand it served a purpose. I certainly understood Eden's humiliation and misery. Overall it was a good read.
The Irish Devil - Diane Whiteside OMG! I think I melted last night from the heat pouring off my blackberry while I read this. Wow! I am normally not a fan of westerns, but for William Donovan I might change my mind. Holy cowboy Batman! I want one! He is heart stoppingly sensual and his aim is to please his lady. What more can a girl ask for. :D
Heat of Passion (Out of Uniform, #2) - Elle Kennedy Hot read. Loved the romance.
Play with Me (Forbidden Fantasies #15) (Harlequin Blaze #521) - Leslie Kelly Hot and some great funny moments!

Mistress by Mistake

Mistress by Mistake - Maggie Robinson Wow. I enjoyed this book. I don't mind a little forced seduction in my romance novels, as long as it doesn't get ugly. As for the rape of Bay, didn't love it but I see the purpose of it in context of the story. I know some people are/will be up ion arms about it, but for me it worked to show just how over the edge the ex was. Could it have been done differently? Maybe, but who am I to say. If the driving purpose of the villain in the book is to get pregnant, and by a specific person, then it is a logical plot device. As for his reaction to it all, or lack there of, I dunno. I can't even tell you how I would feel as a woman, but I think men process things differently and in the end he was able to take decisive action against the perpetrator. I like to think that that helped him work through whatever issues he had with the whole scenario. Is it realistic? Probably not. Does work for me in a fiction book whose focus is supposed to be on romance. You betcha'. Do I want to see a spate of books using hero rape as a plot device? No, not really. But here it worked okay. There was so much else going on that I liked, that I was able to work with it in the bigger picture.

Slave (Cat Star Chronicles Series #1)

Slave (Cat Star Chronicles Series #1) - This was OK for me. It just wasn't sensual enough for me.

Regina in the Sun (Children of the Goddess Series #1)

Regina in the Sun - R.G. Alexander This was a free read, but a good one. I really liked the characters and will look for moire books in this series from RG Alexander.
Tie Me Down - Tracy Wolff I liked the story okay, but clearly I am not a fan of erotic suspense. It seems strange to me to be having all that hot sex (oh and it was hot!) in the midst of investigating a serial killer who is also stalking you. I mean...I just don't get that. So I think for me, while I like Tracy's voice and again the lovin' was awesome...I am just not that into the suspense stuff.