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Mistress by Mistake

Mistress by Mistake - Maggie Robinson Wow. I enjoyed this book. I don't mind a little forced seduction in my romance novels, as long as it doesn't get ugly. As for the rape of Bay, didn't love it but I see the purpose of it in context of the story. I know some people are/will be up ion arms about it, but for me it worked to show just how over the edge the ex was. Could it have been done differently? Maybe, but who am I to say. If the driving purpose of the villain in the book is to get pregnant, and by a specific person, then it is a logical plot device. As for his reaction to it all, or lack there of, I dunno. I can't even tell you how I would feel as a woman, but I think men process things differently and in the end he was able to take decisive action against the perpetrator. I like to think that that helped him work through whatever issues he had with the whole scenario. Is it realistic? Probably not. Does work for me in a fiction book whose focus is supposed to be on romance. You betcha'. Do I want to see a spate of books using hero rape as a plot device? No, not really. But here it worked okay. There was so much else going on that I liked, that I was able to work with it in the bigger picture.