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Talk Dirty To Me

Talk Dirty to Me - Inez Kelley Wow! Another great book in this series! I must say when this comes out in paperback or trade I may have to buy it just so I can cuddle with the whole series. I'm telling you it will. Carina would be crazy not to print this series in one book! Jarod...James...whatever you want to call him-is scrumptious! Sigh. Smart, sexy, dominating, sweet...everything I want in a man. Real or imagined. Nora was great as a heroine. Strong and smart....and ultimately forgiving. The phone sex was HAWT...and so was the laundry room. Yikes! May have to make DH call me and talk dirty so we can meet in some random laundry room somewhere and play. :D Okay...that's not happening but this book will make you wanna. Go read it!